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You are in the middle of the smartphone era and you are constantly looking for applications to help manage the daily demands of life. So, myQGS is your solution.

We are here to deliver to  you a wealth of information within the Nails, Hair, Spa Industry. We have an outstanding directory, that lets you enjoy the beauty of simplicity and saves your time with a powerful booking engine. QGS Booking is available 24/7, even on the last minute. Moreover, QGS Booking is ready for you whether you are on the move, at the office or at home. With just a smartphone, a tablet or a Pc, you can access myQGS.com from anywhere for a pleasant booking experience.  QGS Booking also has an automatic reminder function that sends by emails or push notifications.

And that's not all. Why not save even more money with promotional pages in our QGS booking system? Here, there is a plethora of special deals in forms of group-ons, coupons, membership cards and gift certificates that you can take advantage of.

Download this app for FREE and enjoy your privileges NOW!

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