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No need to take much action to make great things.

After some time of being aware of the demands of the beauty market, understanding the difficulties of small businesses during economic crisis and knowing the advantages of cloud-based services, QGS Booking & QGS Manager were delivered to contribute to a better world.  

On Nov 21st, 2011 QGS Booking & QGS Manager were officially launched. Seattle is our first home we appear and make the effort to be an intimate friend of the beauty community. Watch the good things happen!

QGS debut Apps to promote network in nail industry

Software solutions company introduces a smart and contemporary way to keep customers and merchants connected.

ORANGE COUNTY, December 5, 2011 – QGS launched a premier party this past Sunday night to unveil the first smartphone and tablet software designed to benefit both clients and owners of the nail industry, starting with the Vietnamese community. 

QGS Nails is an application that allows beauty-lovers 24/7 mobile access to an extensive database of local and distant salons, where they can book appointments, and select the desired service and technician. Meanwhile, owners of these salons can use QGS Manager to manage their schedules and publish special promotions.

"Customers and merchants will no longer have to be restricted by a PC or even the boundaries of a facility," Vy Trong Ngo, one of the two QGS founders, stated. "All they'll need is a smart device connect to the Internet Cloud and they can utilize these resources from anywhere, at anytime. Our technical objective is to bring ease and efficiency to all users." Trac Ngo, CEO of QGS Nails, commented, "Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone and exchanges data through the cloud system. We want to bring this technology to the nail industry to help both clients and salon owners to stay up to date with modern demands." He is confident that QGS Solutions will bring more benefits to customers while gaining more business while cutting costs for salon owners.
"We are very proud of the Vietnamese community for their strong presence in the nail industry," said Phi Dinh Nguyen, QGS co-founder. "That is why we have worked so hard for the past few years to create and perfect this software. We hope to enhance the industry and become a small contributor to the collective pride."
QGS Solutions is iTunes certified and now available for free download. The company has plans to extend this service beyond North America, with Asia and Europe lined up for the near future. Customers interested in the products are encouraged to visit
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Established in 2009, QGS has spent the past few years developing pioneer software mobile solutions and services that would utilize modern technology to promote business connection and growth in the nail industry. QGS is specialized in developing scalable cloud-based computing, flexible smart mobile phone and virally social network apps.
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